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TBIRD Design Services Corp


Building and Construction

About Us

TBIRD Design Services Corporation is a modern and forward thinking corporation, established on a firm foundation of technical excellence and customer service. Our dedicated professionals have the skills and experience to handle every job from conceptualization through construction and marketing phases.

TBIRD is a company that believes in realizing each client’s unique vision. Whether we are asked to prepare a new industrial or commercial site, help local governments improve and extend infrastructure, evaluate boundaries, provide precise positioning and surveying, or create beautiful residential neighborhoods, our staff has a track record of excellence and the ability to get the job done.

From each project’s inception, our approach to the work is comprehensive. Every venture brings surprises, but we strive to minimize risk to clients by applying the staff’s experience to every phase of the design and construction process. We are committed to client satisfaction and to fostering lasting relationships built on progress and trust.

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